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"Communication is the essence of human life." -Janice Light

Our goal at More Than Words is to help our clients feel connected with the world around them through effective communication.

speech therapists helping clients

Our team of Speech Language Pathologists have been providing high quality services to the greater Albuquerque area since 2001. We see both children and adults in the clinic setting, in homes, and in the community.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Chris is most likely the top specialist in augmentative communication, who also practices traditional speech therapy. I cannot emphasize how rare it is for an SLP to do both, and be excellent in both. Chris' choices in associates have been great as well."

Samantha Reid-Garcia

Public Affairs Coordinator

"Our son has been with Christina Brown & Associates for many years. When he was born and as he grew, I was told that people with Down Syndrome could not talk clearly and no one would understand him. I found the most excellent group of speech-language pathologists around. Our therapist is our team member. She truly cares. Our son talks so clearly now that he gave a speech at our oldest son's wedding. It was breathtaking. I highly recommend this group of excellent, caring therapists."

Yvette Lucero


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